Herold Marketing | Illusionist
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Bill Toma is one is one of the most innovative and popular sculptors of the world today. Toma’s creations represent a vast and unique spectrum of his personal interests.

Bill of his art states, “My fascination with fantasy art results from the completely imaginative freedom it offers. It allows us to realms beyond, to realms of an alternative reality where anything is possible, to realms that offer the substance of our dreams, to realms that fire the imagination.” “The Illusionist” is inspired by Egyptian themes and incorporates a variety of treasured materials: 24K gold on the headdress and armband, copper plate and 24K gold on the ball, and the scarab in chrome; all in the exquisite finish and level of detail that bought Bill Toma renown. The piece is 28”h x 16”w x 14d and weighs 64 pounds. Asking price $9,999 or best offer. This item was purchased from Danela Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona in 1998.